Tuesday, 16 August 2016
Want to redesign your blog?
 I can help you to make your blog prettier!

- Blog Header Design -
- Custom/DIY Blog Theme Design (Blogspot only) -

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It's time to show the blogging world that you mean business! These beautifully designed premium Blogger templates are ready to be installed on your blog! They are instantly downloadable and come with simple instructions. A blog makeover has never been so easy! Please note these will not work on Wordpress or Tumblr or elsewhere, they are specifically for Blogger. You can set up a free blog at

These are pretty blogs that using my services :

If you are interested, please contact me with your detail here.   
7 comments on "BLOG DESIGN"
  1. Nnati kl sudah bosen sama design lama aku hubungi ya mbak hehheheh

    1. Siap. Nanti info2 email aja ya kalo mau dirancangin template (only for blogspot only) ya :)

  2. What an outstanding design mbaaak. . i plan to change my blog design and will contact you later. thanks for sharing. . all the best mbak :D nice to stalk your blog :p

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog :)
      Salam kenal juga ya :)

  3. teh klo mau bkin template blogger kmn hubunginnya?

    1. Kalau mau dibikinkan template blogger...bisa email ke saya terlebih dahulu di:

      Nanti bisa diinfoin template yg kayak gimana...yg diinginkan.

  4. Haiiii..kereenn..Lana n designnya yang keren maksudnya haha..
    Aduuh pengen ganti dot com sekalian template dech, kalo udah eike dotcom-in, design ke Lana yaa templatenya��


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