Founded in October 2013, Lanalouie covers fashion, design, food, travel, home decor, wedding notes, parenting and lifestyle.
Our readers are enthusiastic, style-conscious women who love travelling and discovering new things. 


I'd be happy to receive submissions about your product or work. Just send your submissions to and if I feel that your product or artwork is suitable to be featured on my blog or social media, I will respond within 3 business days of receiving your email. However, if you do not hear back from me within one week, feel free to submit your work to other party whose readers and aesthetic may be more inline with your products or services.


Thank you for considering advertising opportunities with Lanalouie.
For companies and brands that are a suitable match, I offer sponsored posts and promotional campaigns. Please contact me if you are interested in advertising on Lanalouie, I will send you details on pricing.


Giveaways are an excellent way to bring direct hits and new traffic to your site. I currently host giveaways on my Instagram page and the package includes a blog post and media social shares. Please keep in mind that the giveaway prize needs to be a substantial value.


I love featuring local products and telling stories. The best way to do this is to actually experience your product and to create unique content for my readers. Please note that I only feature products that are a good match for Lanalouie.


Please get in touch should you want me to visit your establishment and write a review.
For a restaurant review: I require a comped meal & drinks for 2 pax
For an accommodation review: I require a 2 night stay


Have any random questions you'd like me to answer? Whether it's about blogging, travelling, life, etc that I would know how to answer, kindly send your questions to or visit our FAQ's


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